• Fitzroy Russell

    Millars Law , Phil and Luke, are the two best Criminals lawyers in London! They stood by my side and advocated for me fully to ensure I was acquitted of the wrongful allegations against me! I am so thankful for this team!
  • David Vallarino Puyana

  • Ken Purdy - The Door Knocker

    Just had a 15 minute call with Phillip. It was 15 minutes of drinking from a firehose. So much great stuff in such a short period of time. Thanks so much! Opportunity Knocks!
  • Matt Kuhn

    Phil and the team went above and beyond and reacted to our unique situation with urgency and professionalism! Jazmin and Phil provided top notch service tonight. Thanks Team Millar!
  • Steven Beauchemin

    Millars Law and Phillip are very effective for all transcations requiring legal work. They have an amazing team. Great service.
  • Kayla Smith

    Luke Reidy is definitely the guy you want on your side!! I recently found myself in a position where I needed the help of a Lawyer and I cannot thank the team at Millars Law enough, and most specifically Luke for everything he did for us! If you want a lawyer that cares, listens, works hard, keeps you informed and comes prepared, Luke is your guy! Not to mention the fact that seeing him in action was extremely exciting and even more-so when we won!! Thank you Luke for making sure justice is served đź‘Ź
  • Waad Sihnawy

    Thank you for the quick service. I recommend Millars Law to all my family friends & clients.
  • Arnold Shobway

    Millars Law was always respectful, helpful and professional. Everyone I have dealt with working with them would take the time to explain the process and help me understand the situation. They were able to navigate through all the obstacles there my case involved and never once made me feel like a burden. I will always be grateful to them for that.
  • Anna Enns

    Millars Law has been amazing for our business as they are quick and eager to help! Definitely going to use them for all of our future needs.
  • Kasi Zylinski

  • Chris Hodgkinson

    Good lawyers here to help you
  • Joseph Scott

    The staff was very professional and it was a good experience dealing with them.
  • Tom Biernacki

    Shawn Stewart is an excellent lawyer and an even better person, anything you need this is the man to go with. I have known in for a long time and he is one of the most reliable, caring and dependable people you will ever meet!
  • Bobbi-Jo Gardiner

    The team at Millars Lawyers are professional, honest, kind and accommodating. This was an enjoyable experience thank you Steve Nicholson and Mark Simon for answering all our questions and accommodating our schedule.
  • Mark Elliott

    Phillip is a consummate professional who offers nothing but his finest effort. This man serves his clients as he served his country - with undivided attention, loyalty and passion. He is kind, tough, and unyielding in his pursuits. A winner.
  • Tom Biernacki

    Shawn Stewart is an excellent person, always reliable and always there when needed. If you need any type of legal help, this is definitely the man to go with. Can't say enough good things about the guy!
  • Alexander Castañeda Tamayo

    (Translated by Google) The perception I had of law firms was totally different from what I have today. I have had the opportunity to meet Philip and his team in person, and I can say that they are professional, passionate, warriors, with a unique personality that makes this law firm special. Obviously, I already know who I should call if I require legal assistance in Canada. (Original) La percepción que tenía de las firmas de abogados era totalmente diferente a la que tengo hoy. He tenido la oportunidad conocer en persona a Philip y su equipo de trabajo, y puedo decir que son personas profesionales, apasionadas, guerreros, con una personalidad única que hace especial esta firma de abogados. Obviamente, ya tengo claro a quien debo llamar en caso de requerir asistencia legal en Canadá.
  • Marion Burns

  • Kim Grigg

    Thank you to Shawn Stewart, and Millars Law firm for all of your hard work and help.  I have been going through a challenging situation where I went to a dental practice to fix my teeth, and ended up with more damage then I went in with.  Aside from this being devastating, the cost to fix the damage is more than I can afford.  Thank you so much Shawn for guiding me through this process, and for successfully settling this matter for me in a very timely manner.  I am forever grateful for all of your help and kindness!

    So thankful for Millars Law and Shawn Stewart for the exceptional results he was able to obtain for our son. After being diagnosed with cancer and declined twice for long term disability by Empire Insurance we called on Shawn for help. In a matter of a few weeks Shawn was able to get their decision reversed and our son the disability payments he deserved. Thank you Shawn and Millars Law
  • Heidi Neumann

    Commercial Real Estate Purchase Evann was very calm and reassuring during a very stressful and expensive real estate purchase.
  • Glenn Cronk

    Phil and Luke are literal lifesavers, if they had not intervened, my son may very well have spent the rest of his life paying for an incident that was otherwise out of keeping with a very positive, respectful and caring character. We were not seeking absolution, but we certainly needed protection and strong advocacy in order to realize a balanced outcome that would not punish an individual for his entire life as a result of one incident. With our most profound appreciation, Thank you and your team.
  • Asher Young

    In life sometimes we are faced with challenges; things happen to us that are out of our control. Thankfully when I experienced a traumatic & life changing incident Phil Millar effectively listened to my story and he took on my case with respect and demonstrated a high level of knowledge. He has a unique approach to his work and interactions which has contributed to his success both in and outside the courtroom. Phil is responsive, he advocates for his clients and ensures he explores all avenues to obtain a high quality result. If you’re going through a crisis or unsure of your next step call or email Phil Millar to support you on this chapter in your life.
  • Franz Ibrahim

    The best hands down
  • Karla Vermeulen

    I had an excellent experience with Millar’s Law Firm! I can only say positive things about them! They are very responsive, professional and strive to provide the best support and advice for their clients. I had an unusual case which led to them donating a POA package and Family Will to a school that had a fundraiser. They were very patient with the process and offered their assistance in any way that I needed it. I would highly recommend their services!! Thank you again Millar’s Law for all your support; it was greatly appreciated!
  • Lisa

  • Matthew Fallowfield

    Very good law firm. Helped me buy my home and made sure my purchase was secure.
  • Jeriko Feng

    Helped our family re-up our mortgage and did everything remotely during Covid times. Also worked with them to setup estate planning.
  • Mark Bushrod

  • Eli Rivs Otier

    I was represented by three different lawyers in two different matters, and had contact with other staff and Mr Millar himself. I found the firm to be excellent, easy to deal with. They knew their areas of law very well and where able to provide excellent outcomes for myself. They offered , quick response to questions and follow ups. I was very pleased with them all very much.
  • Nurdan Tokoz

    Thank you Mark and Vanessa! We are very pleased with the service you provided and we will definitely work with you in the future. We highly recommend Millars Law for their legal services. The team is very responsive, professional. They make the process easy for their clients. Thanks again Millars Law.
  • Lindsay Meldrum

    I have so many positive things to say about the team at Millars. They are professional, work effectively and keep their client informed and educated. Phil has consistently made himself available for a phone call when I have any questions and is extremely quick to respond with any follow-up information. I have always been made to feel just as much of a priority as the next client, something that I have found to be rare in this industry. I would highly recommend Phil and his team at Millars, as they have made my experience seamless and stress-free. If you’re looking for a group of dedicated professionals that always put their clients first, these are your people!
  • Heather Russell-Laing

    Laurie was prompt and personal. Paperwork was explained and done thoroughly. Would recommend her services!
  • Nancy Angel

  • Nicole Ghougamanian

  • RYAN Sweet

    We were very impressed at how accommodating and professional the team was at Millar's Law while we were securing a contractor loan for our home renovations. Plans changed quite a bit due to covid and Laurie stayed late and explained all the info for us to make this major change to our home. Thank you Laurie and team for your continued effort to support emergency service personnel. Ryan & Courtney
  • Jay Cudney

  • Mariana Candia

  • Jason Alexander

    Very responsive with matters at hand. Building was under construction at the time so it was a bit noisy when talking with the lawyer that we had to pause a few times.
  • Andy Zylak

  • Dylan Brewer

    Had a great experience dealing with Mark and the entire team at Millars Law on a house transaction. A lot of paperwork to go through and they made it painless and very easy to understand! Also, I quite enjoyed the tour!
  • Vanna Chun

    I switched law firms, it was a great decision. Millars Law treats my family and I with equality. Phillip and his associate are still fighting my battle. Thanks
  • Caitlynw100

    If you need a good lawyer that will actually fight for you and who believes in you I suggest going to Phillip Millar. He works very hard for his clients and fights for the injustices that are being dealt. If I could give 10 stars I would!
  • Reena Herbstreit

    a HUGE thank you to Shawn and the Millar law team for working fast and efficiently to get me out of my tenancy agreement. Shawn was extremely pleasant to work with, professional, and did a fantastic job with this case!
  • Timarra Milmine

    A huge thank you to Katelyn and Jazmin for their tireless help with my family law case. They were professional, empathetic, took the time to answer all of my questions (I had many!), clearly explained anything I was unsure about and always took a kind and caring approach. Would absolutely recommend!
  • Lisa Martin

  • David Doka

    Working with Millard Law was simple, easy, and efficient. I would recommend their services to any friends and family in need of legal aid. Kudos to Laurie for her attention to detail and amazing personality.
  • BEN

    So easy to approach it and deal it perfectly. Friendly staff and efficiency. Thanks
  • Kathleen Hyde

    Thank you to Phillip Millar and his his very experienced and caring team for the excellent service they provided. We would highly recommend them for all legal services.
  • Corey Connolly